Andrew McGavin Designs
Knotwork Panel Wall Plaque

WP4 Knotwork Panel Wall Plaque

Height 23cm

The Knotwork panel on this Celtic Wall Plaque is taken from a stone carved during Scotland's ancient past. Celtic Art has been associated with Scotland since ancient times, but the origins of Celtic designs are now lost. There are many commonly held beliefs about Celtic Knots, many believe the interlaced structure of the Celtic Knot represents the interconnection of the world we live in, connecting past present and future. One of the many things that make Celtic design fascinating is the direct link it gives us to our distant past.

Due to the way they are made, each plaque is uniquely coloured. Each comes strung ready to hang, with descriptive notes describing the original stone.

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Andrew McGavin Designs is a small company based in Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. Andrew specialises in high quality, hand crafted gifts based on ancient Celtic art.  I design and hand make all my products in a small workshop here in the Highlands of Scotland. tel.01397 703157